Intel® INDE Media Pack for Android Tutorials – Advanced Video Capturing for Unity3d Applications

At the end of the previous tutorial we noticed the issue about Unity* GUI layer.  But imagine that you already have a complicated Unity game with intensive GUI usage. What to do? Read this tutorial. It’s about more advanced use of Intel® INDE Media Pack for Android*. Moreover now we can use free version of Unity. How? We will explore the approach without fullscreen image postprocessing effects. Continue reading

Intel® INDE Media Pack for Android* Tutorials – Video Capturing for Unity3d* Applications

This tutorial explains how to use Intel® INDE Media Pack for Android* to add video capturing capability to Unity applications.


This tutorial is about creating and compiling your own Unity Plugin for Android.  So let’s start. Continue reading

Auriga Has Successfully Completed Two Projects

In the first quarter of 2014, Auriga successfully completed two projects for high-profile customers in the area of banking services and mobile applications. Both projects were highly appreciated by the customers and brought to end users.

Since 2009, we have enjoyed successful cooperation with one of the largest banks in Russia. The latest project—an automated system for the processing of loan, credit, and payroll debit card applications—was delivered to the customer in February.
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