Telemedicine: It’s Time to Gain Momentum

iStock_000031763998SmallTelemedicine is a hot topic in healthcare and a big focus for IT companies providing software solutions for the medtech industry. The telemedicine market grows fast, creates a lot of new opportunities and appears to have a promising future. But will telemedicine overcome the challenges it faces in today’s increasingly competitive business world? Continue reading

Telemedicine Market: Technological Innovations Define the Future of Health Care

iStock_000024852420SmallThe rapid development of mobile technologies and the Internet of Things, the enhancement of hardware, the second wind that is transforming the embedded systems market – all of this has changed the world around us. This transformation impacts even the most traditional areas, such as health care. One of the most innovative and trend-setting changes in this area is the rapid growth of the telemedicine market and the technological services and solutions connected to it. Continue reading

Auriga’s Top 5 Technological Achievements in 2015

1508487The end of the year for each company is a time for reviewing progress. 2015, the year that is behind us, is not an exception. Last month, Auriga’s General Manager, Vyacheslav Vanyulin, summed up the most important business achievements for the company – new clients, exciting sophisticated projects, recognition from the professional community, the opening of a new development center, and the start of strategic projects and collaboration programs with leading Russian universities.

We’ve decided that that review lacked information about the most important thing – our passion for programming, creating complex products and solutions, and the implementation of new practices and methodologies. We asked our experts to tell us what technologies and trends were the driving forces of the IT market in 2015 and how well Auriga fared in relation to them.  Continue reading