Medical Device Interoperability: Are You Up to the Challenge?

November 20, 2015, Woburn, MA – Auriga Inc. conducts market research to uncover significant trends, issues, and concerns of healthcare professionals related to the interoperability of medical devices and information systems. 

The growing diversity of patient devices, wearables, and healthcare apps generates an overwhelming amount of patient data. This should be a good thing. Cutting-edge patient-oriented technologies provide for better medical care—or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. Continue reading

RIW, Internet of Things, and CNews Forum: Auriga Sums Up Results of Fall Events

On October 21–23, 2015, Moscow hosted Russian Interactive Week (RIW)—one of the main IT events in Russia for the internet, media, telecom, and software development industries—for the eighth time. The event included two days of conference sessions, a high-tech exhibition hall, a media communications forum, and a number of special social events, like awards ceremonies, presentations, and promotional activities. Continue reading

MassTLC’s unConference: Long Live the Spirit of Innovation

Contrary to the popular assumption, innovation is not just a good idea. How many supposedly good ideas are born every day in all parts of the world? And how many of them make it to a final product? How many of them change people’s lives for the better?

If you don’t have a process in place to implement your idea, if you don’t focus on its testing, improvement, and refinement, your idea is (I’m sorry to say) useless. It will never turn into an innovation. The companies that understand this are productive and successful; they are the ones changing our future. Continue reading

Multifaceted CEE-SECR 2015: From Software Development Technologies and Methodologies to Entrepreneurship in the IT Industry

At the end of October, Auriga’s experts once again participated in the Central & Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR 2015). This year, Auriga was also the embedded sponsor of this key event for the software development industry in Russia and Eastern Europe. Over 500 people—experts from the leading IT companies, tech entrepreneurs, investors, professors, and IT students—participated in the conference. Continue reading