Join Auriga at CTIA Super Mobility 2015, Las Vegas, NV

With mobile innovation at the forefront of all vertical markets, the operational business processes have changed significantly to adopt the emerging mobile ecosystem. Internet of Things, connected everything (home, health, car, entertainment, etc.), wearables, 5G, mobile payments—these are not just buzzwords anymore; these are the terms defining our future, the next-generation technologies that will power our tomorrow. Continue reading

Healthcare Technologies Are Booming: Latest Trends of the AAMI 2015

The global healthcare market is booming. The British company Evaluate estimates that by 2020, the healthcare technologies market will reach $514 billion. Additionally, in the coming years, we are going to experience the boom of mHealth and Internet of Things. In 2014, the global mobile healthcare market was estimated at $10.5 billion, and according to the experts of Allied Market Research, it will grow on average 33.5% annually in the next five years. Continue reading