Auriga Develops an Application for Google Glass

“The Internet of Things will change everything—including ourselves,” says Dave Evans, Cisco’s Chief Futurist.  Indeed, the Internet of Things is one of the key terms used today in the area of information technologies. Cars, watches, ATMs, washing machines, refrigerators, numerous sensors—all of these smart devices connected to the Internet have been created to simplify our lives. Continue reading

“Priority Inversion” in Software Engineering Management: Misconceptions of Wasted Time

Any trained software engineer knows that, in a development project, priority inversion means that a high-priority task has to wait until the completion of a low-priority task. Let me introduce an equally harmful type of “priority inversion” in managing software engineering forces: when priority is deliberately given to the least important and least complex activities at the expense of more impactful activities. Why would any sane manager do that? Hang on. Continue reading

Case Study: Warehousing Automation System Multi-Tier (L1/L2/L3) Support

Auriga’s Client, a US-based technology company, specializing in automated supply chain management solutions, required a vendor partner to provide ongoing support services, including L1/L2 support / L3 sustaining engineering for the Customer’s flagship product – a warehousing automation system.

Auriga has successfully assumed the responsibility of the multi-tier support, including sustaining engineering. The supported system includes customizable work stations, a wireless network and a server-based back end system. Continue reading