RUSSOFT Survey Presents Russian IT-Industry State and Trends

Auriga presents a summary of the 10th annual survey on the Russian software development export industry, prepared by RUSSOFT, an association of Russian software development companies. This report is the most comprehensive and reliable source of information on industry dynamics, its position on the global market, and the most relevant development trends.
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Auriga invites you to Future Office 2013

The last few years demonstrate a pronounced trend of building intelligent cities with intelligent homes and offices and an intellectual infrastructure. This idea makes events dedicated to the building of future offices especially interesting.

One such event where participants will be introduced to the latest trends in the area of building intelligent work environments is the Future Office conference, which will take place in Moscow on December 17, 2013. Continue reading

Paperless Office – Reality or Myth?

The term “paperless office” goes back to the 1970s. Back then, it was rather a prediction, some fantastic idea that was supposed to turn into reality in 40 years.

Forty years later, we can see how much has changed. Considering the development of digital technologies, the term paperless office is mentioned more and more often. Many companies and environmental protection activists promote the idea of an intelligent future office where operation processes are run with maximum efficiency while being in line with corporate social responsibility. Continue reading